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I Love real divinity, I am Justice.  

Album Release 05/21/2022!


Cold Water Pro Community is a non-profit organization designed to provide a series of live free interactive edutainmental (entertaining-education) services pertaining to advanced spiritual healing methods primarily using cannabis, Hip-Hop, and Justice's elite self-proclaimed/originated yet ancient culturally gap bridging art of Shredakit ( A Real Mixed Martial Art focused on shredding anything shreddable while mastering the art of respect and self discipline through personal communal etiquette). Our main goal is to help provide individuals with the knowledge and tools that allow them to cultivate healing in themselves and there lives. Our services include discussion based courses, personalized information on current medical studies along with field advancement advisory / guidance services, study / group study services, performances, exhibits, outreach programs and more. We are here to help the community be strong, creative, and most importantly healthy! Please enjoy what we have to offer and feel free to contact us directly with inquiries or bookings. 

          Our company started in the early 2000's with our young group of friends looking for responsible social alternatives to drinking in and around the historic Agua Fria neighborhood. We found cannabis coupled with artistic, and athletic outlets to be the best suited choice and thus began a journey of healing. For me that journey and my experiences with cannabis have elevated my work from relieving stress to the mastery of the art of healing.

            We take pride in supporting individuals with the knowledge and tools that allow them to cultivate healing in there lives. Health is a form of wealth that we can generate on our own as individuals. We can always use or gain more wealth so we can always use or gain more health. Our goal is also to share our wisdom and provide support to individuals on their own journey for healing in order to cultivate healthy lives. 

            A special thank you is in order as well to everyone, especially in our local communities! We are here in the spirit of giving and wish to serve so please let us support you. Thank you all once again.      

CEO and Founder,
                          Justin Colin

Free Educational Services

Advanced Mastery of Spiritual Cannabis Healing

!!! All 3 Course Levels Are Now Available !!!

!!! - Introduction - Intermediate - Advanced - !!!

Introduction : This free discussion based educational service introduces or reintroduces participants to extremely successful spiritual healing practices in order to help these individuals cultivate there own and/or shared philosophies pertaining to self, health, and cannabis. Topics discussed in this course range from healing, love, practices, products, to scientific case studies. This course welcomes all cannabis users of any age or experience level to a safe discussion based environment where they can explore the key personalized fundamentals of their own practices in a comfortable group setting with an experienced leader. In addition several advanced healing techniques are outlined in this course in a comprehensive manner. This program being discussion based is also incredibly interactive allowing participants to get safe real life applicable knowledge of medical cannabis in order to cultivate advanced healing in ones self. 

Intermediate : In this portion of the program participants get to share in depth as well as hear each others and the discussion leaders personal experiences that have brought them to using any sort of healing practices in order to recover from living life. 

Advanced : This portion of the program focuses on the power of practicing self worth and forgiveness.

Our company has faith that if we can cultivate healing in ourselves we will naturally cultivate healing as a community. Please join the discussion and enjoy the magic of healing! Reservations are free and welcome to all professional or private parties. Email us directly for bookings and reservations. 

 Medical Production Consultation

This service offers free expertise from professional local growers. This information is derived from experienced professionals who work with current time tested knowledge and trade secrets used from all over the world. Please feel free to email us your questions.

Fitness Guidance & Training 

The art of Shredakit is a complex mixture of self discipline and non-violent martial practices designed to prepare the mind and body for safely pushing their limits while engaging in any form of shredding. It is the personal design and martial arts practice of Justin Colin. Shredakit styles include but are not limited to -Ju-Skate-Su-Wu, Tuck-Kwan-Do, Thai Breaking, and Huck-Fu

The physical fitness guidance and training service offers (when available) free fitness consultation and counseling. It is specifically offered by Justin Colin however is subject to more limited availability. Feel free to contact with inquiries and for scheduling. Please see his bio-information below for a full list of his athletic credentials and/or check out the link above to one of his short training videos.  

Art Showcase Services

Our company is comprised of and connected to a large community of artists that are enthusiastic about sharing. Please feel free to contact us regarding artistic promotional solutions as well. 

Cold Water Pro Hip Hop

This free Hip Hop educational program intends to teach, inspire and empower the youth in our community to culturally developing there intellect for the purpose of self structure while channeling their voice (body of work) into a series of practical presentations designed to positively impact the creators and those it reaches.

Justin Colin
Founder & CEO

Lrd Justice 

Justin Colin aka Justin Hale was born in New York City, New York on July 7, 1986. Justin grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico and nearby southwest region. He currently resides in Mammoth Lakes, California. He is a Master of Cannabis. He has spent 23 years as a medical cannabis patient and studying the art of spiritual healing in order to cultivate or manifest physical healing within his own body in order to share with the public. He has spent 18 years assisting and serving medical cannabis patients. He has more than 10 years working in cultivation. He specializes in spiritual healing practices primarily pertaining to cannabis. He has his Level 1 Cannaician certification from Dr. Regina Nelson. He spent more than year working with local cannabis companies helping develop DOH product compliance in multiple states. He was a NM Canna Staffing team leader and staff trainer. He has extensive successes using cannabis for spiritual healing purposes to address the True root of personal injury and trauma in order to cultivate physical recovery from the body. He is a former member of the United States Ski Team Athlete Development Program. He is a professional skier and athlete. He is a dedicated Master of Ancient Spiritual Wisdom. He is a notorious musician and artist. He is highly acclaimed as extremely compassionate by the local cannabis community. He has spent time as a Registered Behavior Technician and is a handicapable learning specialist. He is a Healer. He is a Teacher. Most importantly he is a loving family member who prioritizes family, healing, nature, people, gardens, and home. He shares all his love and all his care!